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The Interface Between INNOVATION and the MARKETPLACE

THE HIGH DESERT DISCOVERY DISTRICT is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to identifying and commercializing technology projects in New Mexico. Our mission, in collaboration with New Mexico’s entrepreneurs, scientific research institutions and various economic development entities is (1) to become the interface between innovation and the ultimate customer; (2) harness New Mexico’s extensive scientific and business asset base toward the creation of high growth enterprises that generate wealth inside the state; (3) link new discoveries with experienced and seasoned business professionals; (4) locate risk capital and (5) advance and facilitate a vibrant entrepreneurial culture in New Mexico.

HD3 is an ever-expanding network of some 400+ statewide/global investors, management experts and business achievers, experienced entrepreneurs, technical experts and mentors/advisors to the 20+ start-ups HD3 is currently growing throughout the state.  The HD3 network is brought forward to positively impact and accelerate each HD3 portfolio company. Each year, HD3 selectively adds up to 5-6 new promising start-ups to its portfolio, and then drives their growth alongside their innovation team or entrepreneur. Since its founding, HD3 has been instrumental in raising some $5M+ in investment and operating capital for its start-ups.

In 2015, HD3 founded the High Desert Angels, its sister organization to finance HD3 start-ups and more broadly, promising New Mexico start-ups.


Indeed, money is important to grow a young start-up. A marketable discovery is also important to grow a young start-up. But more than any other thing, the ability to endure the long and often extraordinarily challenging journey to create a SUCCESSFUL start-up company requires something more than money and a good idea. Building a start-up from concept to maturity - one that stands a chance to become a growth company that builds value for everyone involved - is perhaps the most difficult journey an aspiring entrepreneur will ever take. This reality is rarely discussed.

To bridge that gap...HD3 is in the trenches with New Mexico entrepreneurs and innovators. HD3 entrepreneurs understand that having those alongside them who have done it before (experience), who bring the connections that accelerate an idea, and will surround them with the mental and physical fortitude to survive and thrive on the journey...makes all the difference in the world between a start-up that 'starts'...and a start-up that 'succeeds'.

HD3 is building successful young start-ups in New Mexico, one at a time. Slowly, surely and confidently.

HD3 — the difference between a start-up that starts
and a start-up that succeeds.